Hazelwood Local

Since 2020, Hazelwood Local is the neighborhood’s new hub for community activations at Hazelwood Green Plaza, and for the discovery of Pittsburgh’s Hazelwood neighborhood. Read about how to get involved here.

The Neighborhood

“Greater Hazelwood is a diverse and welcoming community for people of all incomes and backgrounds. Our future is driven by the leadership of community residents…”

– In 2019, the Hazelwood community launched a neighborhood plan guided by The North Star.

Hazelwood Green

Hazelwood Green is envisioned as a model for the transformative redevelopment of an urban brownfield into a center of innovation that fuels Pittsburgh’s new economy while remaining grounded in the principles of sustainability, equity, and inclusive economic opportunity.

Hazelwood Green Plaza

The two-acre Plaza at the heart of Hazelwood Green, at Lytle St. and Eliza St., opened to the public in January 2021. There you’ll find art installations by Carin Mincemoyer, Eddie Opat, and John Peña, as well as a tree nursery curated by Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and Hazelwood organization POORLAW.