In 2019 the Hazelwood Community launched their neighborhood plan guided by The North Star:

“Greater Hazelwood is a diverse and welcoming community for people of all incomes and backgrounds. Our future is driven by the leadership of community residents, resulting in a community with thriving families and households; affordable, high-quality residential options; family-sustaining career opportunities; successful businesses and business owners; and a fully-integrated Hazelwood Green.

Our community fosters opportunities to build generational wealth and community health to ensure current and future generations benefit from the neighborhood’s growth and prosperity. We build strong partnerships with stakeholders throughout the region, while protecting and celebrating the unique landscape, history, culture and spirit of Greater Hazelwood.”

"Time Travelers" by Sandy Kessler Kaminski

The community’s residential areas sit primarily on steep hillsides that slope down to the Second Avenue commercial corridor before it reaches Below the Tracks and Hazelwood Green, a 178-acre former coke plant site remediated for redevelopment as residential, commercial and modern manufacturing space. A portion of Glen Hazel was initially developed after World War II as public housing for veterans, and is now the site of owner-occupied homes, residences owned by the Pittsburgh Housing Authority, a Community Living Center and a Mercy Behavioral Health facility.

Want more history? Check out the full story thanks to the award-winning efforts by the Hazelwood Historical Society