Main St.

As stewards for an equitable economy, Main ST is invested in increasing economic opportunities for the underrepresented as well as preparing a new generation to become economic contributors by improving competencies in media, marketing, and technology (MMT).
Working with DeLoJe’s production house, Pulsus Digital and other local partners, MAIN ST charitable goals are

1)  to build creative and technical capacity of underrepresented enterprises as a means of improving their impact and reach in order to equitably, economically, and culturally strengthen our communities; and

2)  to advance work equity by training, coaching, and mentoring a new generation of underrepresented youth to be work ready through STEAM Programming.

Our culturally responsive approach addresses economic equity in 3 ways:

  • We Are Open provides services that help small minority businesses and organizations equitably compete by building their MMT (media, marketing and technology) capacity.  Our clients include Baker Wells House (Podcast), JADA House International (Podcast), Legacy Arts Project (Website redesign), the Mon Metro Chamber of Commerce (Website redesign) and Sankofa Village for the Arts (website).
  • Tech Innovation to address obstacles (skill, access, opportunity) that impede minority youth’s ability to compete in a workforce that is still not diverse or equitable.  Programming includes our Drone Academy, Stop Motion Animation, Green Screen Experience.  Our partners include JADA House International, Legacy Arts Project, Pittsburgh Public Schools and Propel Charter Schools.
  • Pulsus Digital Arts Collective helps minority artists overcome economic challenges associated with selling their art and connecting commercially to businesses.  

Located in Hazelwood, Main ST is a 501 c 3 that is operated by Executive Director, Lori Rue.  The team of Creatives are Justin McCaskill, Tyler Butler, and Meairra McCaskill.
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