Our mission is to document, recognize, and value the un(der)paid work and resources that are essential for communities to become healthy, sustainable, and resilient.

In the neighborhood of Hazelwoood, involveMINT is conducting a circular economy operation involving food recycling and community currency. Our process is simple. We collect food waste from people’s homes, neighboring organizations such as Holy Cross Family Church, local businesses such as Dylamato’s, and employing local residents to compost the food waste. We then use the compost to grow fresh and healthy food that will be distributed back to neighborhood residents and businesses. We are using community currency as a means to facilitate these operations; growing the economy to promote green jobs and sustainable practices without relying solely on traditional funding streams.

ABOUT involveMint

involveMINT was founded in September 2015 after winning the StartUp Weekend Civic competition, hosted by Google for Entrepreneurs. After placing second in Codefest 2016, involveMINT received a 10k grant from the Forbes Funds to develop our initial MVP.  Our initial focus was to use a currency system as an incentive to attract volunteers for city­wide events (e.g., Rail­Volution 2018).

The local currency in its current form was developed in 2019 with a one-year grant from the Hillman Foundation. Entitled Food Security, Refreshed (FSR), the grant enables us to develop a currency that supports the labor of citizen ‘ChangeMakers’ to work on innovative food waste management and access initiatives within the communities of Hazelwood, Braddock, and Wilkinsburg. The grant provided resources to build out a web application (webApp), with feedback from Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank member agencies, that facilitates the matching of currency user needs and resources to foster exchanges among members of a developing CEN.

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Address: 4501 Sylvan Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15207