Hazelwood Urban Agriculture

The Hazelwood Urban Agriculture Team is dedicated to promoting and supporting sustainable food sovereignty and food security initiatives in our community. Our primary project is the new Community Garden located at 4713 Chatsworth Ave, where we are offering bed-allotments for residents and neighbors. We also steward additional community gardens located at the corner of Elizabeth and Lytle Streets, known as “Everybody’s Garden,” and the “Glen Hazel Community Garden” on Imogene/Johnston Ave. We meet monthly at one of our garden sites (or at the Library in the colder months) and hold workshops or teach-ins periodically through the year. 

Other programs include working in cooperation with other neighborhood groups restoring our forested greenways, and developing a vision for our City Steps featuring an edible landscape that provides walking access to other neighborhoods through a forested corridor.  The Urban Ag Team is also host to the Hazelwood Beekeepers’ Collaborative, a network of beekeepers in the 15207 region. There is a fiber arts initiative, growing fiber and dye crops as part of reconnecting with a more agrarian, community-based lifestyle. We look forward to expanding the scope and capacity of our Urban Ag Team to include small animal initiatives like goats and chickens.


Matt Peters, Chair of the Urban Ag Team and Community Garden Manager