Hazelwood Local


Hazelwood Local is an intiative started on behalf of Almono Limited Partnership, the primary landowner of Hazelwood Green, and U3 Advisors, the managers of Hazelwood Green Plaza. Our goal is to use Hazelwood  Green Plaza as a launchpad for communal connection between local, regional, and national artists, organizations, and leaders to bring creative, inclusive, and impactful programming to the neighborhood. 

In addition to programming at the Plaza and at sites in the neighborhood, the digital Directory serves to drive patronage to Hazelwood businesses, and give visibility to the powerful work organizations in the neighborhood are already doing. The communal calendar is our opportunity to amplify existing programming already serving Hazelwood residents. 

So far in 2021, Hazelwood Local has executed 19 events both at Hazelwood Green Plaza and throughout the Hazelwood neighborhood, activating a variety of different gathering places like the newly opened Woods House, Elizabeth Street, Center of Life’s KRUNK Studio, and more. Partnerships with  neighborhood organizations is a priority for programming to ensure diverse participation, and to reinforce Hazelwood Green Plaza as an additional venue for community gathering. 

Programming and partner ideas were submitted to the Hazelwood Local over multiple outreach trips in the fall of 2020. Outreach continues through the initiative’s monthly Community Action Team meetings.

To view the ongoing list of previous events, visit the Hazelwood Local Eventbrite page, or check out photo albums from previous events here.